100 Facts Rainforests – Bitesized Facts & Awesome Images to Support KS2 Learning

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100 Facts Rainforests – Bitesized Facts & Awesome Images to Support KS2 Learning

100 Facts Rainforests – Bitesized Facts & Awesome Images to Support KS2 Learning

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These communities have often lived in harmony with the rainforest for generations, and they have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the rainforest ecosystem. These forest types form a mosaic of vegetation types which contribute to the incredible diversity of the tropics. Fact 17: If the rainforests continue to decline in the way that they have been, then about 5-10 percent of their species will go extinct every ten years.

The rainforest is home to many unique adaptations that have allowed plants and animals to thrive in this complex and challenging environment.

Restoring them and their ability to sequester carbon is one of several critical steps we must take to address our global climate crisis. There are numerous species of mammals, reptiles, and birds found in the tropical rainforest throughout the world. The idiot fruit tree is known by its scientific name Idiospermum australiense or the Green Dinosaur due to its lineage. The Atlantic forest, which stretches along Brazil’s southern Atlantic coast, has experienced severe deforestation over recent decades due to expanding cities and agriculture, a result of more than 70% of the Brazilian population living in and around the forest.

Fact 4: Rainforests are found on all of the different continents, except for Antarctica, because it is far too cold there for the environment to be conducive.There are many more tropical than temperate rainforests; when people talk about rainforests, they are usually referring to tropical rainforests. Armed with dangerous poisons used in life-threatening situations,their bright colors warn predators to stay away. The forest floor receives very little light and is teeming with insects and decomposing plants and animals.

Rainforests also exist outside the tropics, including temperate North America, South America, Australia, and Russia. These adaptations are a testament to the incredible diversity and complexity of the rainforest ecosystem. Other endemic species in the Valdivian temperate rainforest, the only one of its kind in South America, include the monkey puzzle tree, which has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. Rainforests are also important sources of medicine, as many plants and animals in the rainforest have been used for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses. In the absence of local jobs, some people burn abandoned farmlands and turn them into new plantations as a way to make a living and survive.

Rainforests are under threat from activities such as logging, farming, and mining, which can destroy the habitat of the plants and animals that live there. Policymakers and companies are increasingly valuing rainforests for the services they afford, setting aside large blocks of forests in protected areas and setting up new financial mechanisms that compensate communities, state and local governments, and countries for conserving forests.

Fact 41: There are some tropical rainforests that have been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. One adaptation quite the opposite of camouflage is that of the brightly colored poison arrow frogs and poison dart frogs.Help stabilize the world’s climate: Rainforests help stabilize the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Fact 6: Rainforests help to regulate the temperatures around the world and the weather patterns as well. Rainforest is described as a tall, hot and dense forest near the equator and is believed to be the oldest living ecosystem on Earth, which gets the maximum amount of rainfall. Furthermore, most of the trees, or 75%, are deciduous as opposed to the evergreen trees in tropical and temperate rainforests.

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