In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 1

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In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 1

In the Clear Moonlit Dusk Vol. 1

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in other words, Yoi is such a good-looking guy that most people don't notice or care that she is, in fact, a girl. For over a century, Kodansha has relentlessly pursued quality and creativity, which allows us to continuously reimagine what could be. Ichimura counters that it's good to be a princely girl, because being so, she doesn't have to adhere to all of the gender expectations that other girls must contend with. To her surprise, she’s not sure how to handle this new relationship, especially when her newfound friend is a prince himself (and a guy prince, at that). Yoi is at first not trying to have much to do with him, but his persistence in chasing her, as well as him (barring their first run-in) always treating her as a girl and not a Prince or a boy makes her soon fall for him.

If It's You, It's Okay: Ichimura cannot explain at first what it is that draws him to Yoi other than her stunning good looks and says that he thinks he'd be just as interested and fascinated by her even if she was a guy. While holding the stance she is depicted with twinkling lights and roses to lampshade her princely behavior. In the Clear Moonlit Dusk ( Japanese: うるわしの宵の月, Hepburn: Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mika Yamamori. At first he tries to avoid it and downplay his feelings, but soon even he has to admit that he's behaving differently towards her than anyone else. She has been dubbed the school's "prince" by virtue of her boyishly attractive appearance and casual disposition.All Girls Want Bad Boys: Yoi is about as straight-laced as they come, due in part because of her natural shyness and chivalrous demeanor. Honestly, to me it almost has the feeling of a one-shot about side characters in the middle of a more popular serialized shoujo, which I really love.

Strong Family Resemblance: Yoi favors her father quite a bit, who also has short dark hair and handsome features. Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy: Ichimura is well known and swooned over in school as the other prince (despite being at the school for a shorter amount of time, Yoi is the primary prince) because of his good looks and boatloads of money. I Just Want to Be Normal: Said word for word by Yoi to Ichimura when he says that she really looked like a real prince defending a girl in need. Caught in the Rain: In chapter 3, just as Yoi is trying to explain to Ichimura that she doesn't actually find his light teasing annoying as much as she does embarassing and disorienting, it begins to immediately downpour. Love Confession: Ouji ends up telling Yoi that he has feelings for her and quickly hugging her after she spends the day with him picking out a gift for his younger sister.

Ichimura on the other hand is a ladykiller, with bleached hair, piercings galore, and a devil-may-care attitude. Doraemon gets referenced in chapter 19 when Ichimura's friends rib him for taking so long in the shower, like Shizuka.

The chemistry between them is really steamy and I think the story is turning out like how the friend perceives it to be like a sweet BL romance. I found myself cringing almost in every chapter, the MC is plain and boring, she indeed, has only her good looks and almost nothing else. The Beauty of the Evening Moon) is a shoujo manga centered on Yoi Takiguchi, a 16 year old girl with stunning androgynous looks and a polite, aloof demeanor to match. Our team is made up of book lovers who are dedicated to sourcing and providing the best books for kids. Because of this, most men don't pursue her, leading her to have never dated anyone let alone been asked out.After apologizing, he grabs Yoi's face, comments on how beautiful she is, and then proceeds to mistake her for a guy. That said, she's too afraid of a Femininity Failure to even try changing things on her own and is resigned to her fate at the start of the story. All of this baffles Ichimura, who can't understand why any of that should even matter because she's still, in his words, "so beautiful you have to stare.

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